4717 was a ten day exhibition hosted by Dyson Gallery in London with four artists, Inés Cámara Leret, Jesse Cahn-Thompson, Libita Clayton, and Anne De Boer, creating new commissions in response to the LUX collection.

Amid is an installation created by Inés Cámara Leret and Jesse Cahn-Thompson. A real-time sonification of air in response to minute-to-minute changes of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone gases. The gases are assigned specific tones and notes. As detected levels increase and decrease in the space, the musicality follows up and down scale.

Made with AQ Mesh, nine speakers, JavaScript, Ableton Live

Here, on this site, is the live, active project. (currently no audio on smart phones)

Supported by Apart Audio, Audio-Technica, and Air Monitors UK. Special thanks to Dr. Benjamin Barratt and the London Air Quality Network for guidance. Curation by Olivia Aherne, Lizzie Cottrell, Emily Davis, Evie Gurney, Nilz Källgren, Helene Remmel, Alistair Small and the Royal College of Art.